"Thank You Notes" from our clients and their pets
"I love to stay at your resort.
Thanks for making my visits such a good
Holly Kermmoade
"Thank you for the best doggie
daycare ever"
Rocky Miller
"Thank you for taking good care of
Mark Caldwell
"If words could only express my
gratitude towards you all.  Thank
you for all you've done for my sweet
The Sullivans
"We lost our little Cotton on October
25th.  We miss her so much every day,
and we appreciate how well you loved
& cared for our precious Cotton.  We
never worried when she was with you"
Karl & Donna Lawrence
"I love every single one of you at my
home away from home.
Love & sloppy kisses"
K.C. Weiss
"Thank you for taking
good care of my Rusty.   I
don't worry when he is with
Shirely LeBaron
"Thank you all so much for all
that you do for Jackson"
Jolene Floreani
"Banjo has really beeen spoiled by Red
Rock Pet Resort and its staff.  We have
always felt y'all were exceptional.  
Thank you"
Roddy & Greg Metcalf
"Thanks for giving our girl that
special care that makes such a
difference.  We appreciate you"
Rob & Jana McQuay
"Thanks for taking such good
care of Duke.  We appreciate
all you do"
Tad, Priscilla, & Duke
"We just wanted to say tanks again for the
GREAT TIME we all had at Red Rock Pet
Resort.  All us boyz love that we can run
around and mingle with all da others,
especially da ladies!"
Licks from all of us,
Da Boyz:  Salvatore, Vito, Carmine and
To the amazing staff at Red Rock Pet
"My wife and I want to thank you for taking
such good care of Bodhi while we were
away.  You were th only "strangers" we've
ever left Bodhi with.  You instantly became
his friend.  He loved all of you and your
wonderful resort.  You were all amazing and
we (including Bodhi) cannot thank you
Shane, Michelle & Emily Braman
"Thanks to all of you for taking
good care of Grace.  You have a
beautiful facility there, with caring
people and provide a much
needed service for animal lovers"
Dennis & Dyana Hilliard (and
Grace, too)
"Just a quick note to say "thank you" for
being so very helpful and flexible with your
hours.  My collie, Winston, just loved your
place!  It was such a great relief to know
he was at the best doggie day care!"
Doris Barnhart
"Thank you for all your
help and love you have
shown to our dogs this past
Kara Christian
"Thank you so much for all of the
extra attention for River.  He
loves you all so much"
J.C. Nye & River
"Thank you so much for the great
care you gave Bubba!  We
appreciate it so much"

Brett & Julie Robbins
"There are no words to express
our deepest gratitude to you for
saving K.C.'s life with your quick
response to his critical illness.  We
will always be grateful to you and
will hold you in our hearts"
Larry, Judie, & K.C.
"There are not enough words to say how
very much we appreciate everything that
each of you did to help our Cheech in his
time of need.  Cheech is recovering well and
will come back to play with all of his
friends again soon"
Tom and Linda Perez
"Thank you so much for opening up
your hearts to our precious canine
friends Colt and Serenity.  It was such
a relief for us to know that they were
both so well cared for while we
straightened out our self-inflicted
confusion regarding Colt's and
Serenity's entry into Best Friends.  
Your videos, behavior notes and
assessments were key factors in
helping them get accepted by Best
Friends and ultimately receive the
type of life and training they so
Ellen Leithold, Vice President
SPCA of Southwest Michigan
"Thank you so much for going above
& beyond for Sadie's care."

Barb & Blake Beldon
"Thanks so much for having Charli at Red
Rock Pet Resort.  You guys are the best!  
We'll miss you and be back to visit soon."
Kenni & Derek Deal-Dunn
"Our family wants to thank you all for
taking such good care of Koda and
Daisy.  Without your love and concern
for them, we may not have 'our Koda' in
our life today.  We are so lucky to have
you as a part of our family.  You guys are
Matt, Kathy, Koda and Daisy
"Thank you so much for all the care,
love & attention you bestowed on our
dear pal over the past months.  If it
had not been for your quick action,
we probably would have lost him a lot
sooner.  You are all true animal
lovers and it shows ever so much in
your gentle and tender treatment of
all your charges.
We shall never forget your kindness.
Love you all,"
Dolores, Gary & Phantom
"Our family just wanted to thank you for
the wonderful job you did of taking care
of our babies.  I cannot tell you  how
nervous I was  about leaving them.  I felt
at such ease once I saw how nice and
caring everyone was that I met that
morning I dropped them off.  I felt even
more at ease once I picked them up and
they were tired and not stressed out at all!
               Thank you!"
Juan, Mariesol, Oreo, & Gizmo Gomez
"To all of you wonderful Aunties:  

We just watched the video of Bodi and his
new friends this afternoon and all of the fun
they had!  You have such a wonderful place
and we look forward to taking him there
again.  Except for eating his dinner and
going outside to attend to some business,
he has been sound asleep ever since we got
home.  Thank you so much for letting us
bring him in today for his "trial run".  We
were absolutely delighted with the video and
we can tell Bodi loved being there.  You gals
are terrific!!!  Thanks!"

Sincerely, Bill and Betty
"Thank you all so much for the
great care and love that you give
Paco and all of the pets we so
Karen Studenka
"Thanks to all of you who do so much
and take good care of Cole."

Laurie & Tom Wheeler
"To all the Red Rock Staff.
Thank you for keeping
Schnapps safe and happy."
Jim & Peg Duranceau

"Thank you for taking care of my little  
treasure--talking to him, saying kind
words, taking him out of the cold, letting
him chew on ice, giving him a nice place
to sleep, feeding him chicken, posting
videos, and all of the other nice things
you do!  

I'm grateful for the personal attention
you give to Ryuu and that he has a
happy place to stay until my home is
built and ready for us."

You are all fantastic!
Holly Lohrer

"Lola loves to come here and play....she
is such a happy and content dog when
she can play with other dogs for a few
Sharen V.
"To Red Rock Pet Resort,

Thanks for taking such great care of me"

Dex Defa.
Thank you so much for
playing with me.

I love to play here!