Prices include a cozy kennel, meals, and
                                                                                       all-day supervised play with other dogs
                                                                            Dogs are only kenneled at bedtime and meal times

                                                                                                                            Each Additional
                                                                                         One Dog                         Roommate     

                                                                                 Up to 30 lbs…...$27            $23 (save 15%)
                                                                                 31 to 75 lbs……$29            $25 (save 14%)          
                                                                                 Over 75 lbs……$31            $27 (save 13%)

                                                                           Prices include a cozy condo, meals, and continuous
                                                                                               access to "Kitty Playrooms"

                                                                                  Condos (1-story)    
                                                                                (Maximum of 2 cats)       
                                                                                  One Cat                          Additional Condo Mate
                                                                                  Any size………..$17.00             $10.00

                                                                                  Condos (2-story)               Each Additional   
                                                                                  One Cat  
                                                                                  Any size………..$21.00             $10.00  

                                                                                  Condos (3-story)               Each Additional
                                                                                (Minimum of 2 cats)               Condo-Mate
                                                                                  One Cat............$25.00              $10.00
         The prices listed above are based on a stay of 24 hours or less. We offer Savings Plans for
         boarding your pet(s) for a period of 7 or more consecutive or non-consecutive nights.  These
         plans offer significant savings and are available in printed form at the Red Rock Pet Resort office.

                                                                             Free Bath
             Dogs that have boarded for 7 nights or longer will receive a free bath & brush out before departure OR 20%
               off a full-service groom.
                                                             Medications & Supplements
            There are no additional fees for the administration of medications or vitamins that are to be mixed in with
              your pet's food.

                                                              (All day cage-free, off-leash play)                                       

                                                     One Dog                                        Each Additional
                                                     Any Size                                             Playmate                                                       
                                           Full Day (over 5 hours)             $19         $17 (save 11%)
                                           Partial Day ((5 hours or less)    $14        $12 (save 14%)                          
                The prices listed above are based on one day of daycare.  We offer Daycare Savings Plans for 7 (consecutive
                or non-consecutive) days or longer.  These plans offer significant savings and  are available in printed
                form in the Red Rock Pet Resort office.

                                                                Bathing and Grooming

                                                                          Dog Training
           Please contact our office, and we'll be happy to recommend a licensed, experienced  
           dog trainer.                        
  Prices For Our Services
Dogs play indoors and outdoors with other dogs of similar size and temperament and are continually
supervised by experienced dog handlers throughout the day.
We offer bathing, nail clipping, and full-service grooming for cats and
dogs.  Our prices are based on the size of the pet and length of hair.  
We also offer a 10% discount for each additional family pet that is
bathed or groomed.

Please call our office for prices